Marketing Package

If you want to sell your home, we’ll help you make it happen

What you can get from us.

For Sale Sign

There’s somthing so enticing about these outstanding 1200×900 colour photo signboard.We all know the Curiosity that is stirred when potiental buyers drive past one of these, compelling them to take a secong look.

Gloss Colour Brochures

·         Tri Fold A3 Cards

Just like a celebrity photograph, but for your home. We make sure anyone looking at your home gets to see it in the very best light.

·         A4 Flyer

·         Window Card Display

These catch the attention of shoppers and house hunters from our prominent Browns Bay office display window.

·         Just Listed Cards

We’ll spread the word by delivering these to the neighbours, letting them know your property is new to the market.

Chances are your neighbours love in the area and would love to invite their friends and family to join them.

Open Homes

We help potential buyers to see what their new life will look like when they buy your home. Once they can see themselves in it, they won’t want to leave!

Lock Box

Auctioneer, Auction Room and Onsite Auctions

When it comes to auctioning your home, we’ll find the best person for the job and organise the location for the big day, whether it’s on site or in one of our auction rooms.

Percentage of properties sold during agency term by various marketing method

Auction/Tender/Promotion 74.6%  Sole Agency 50.4%  General Agency 26.4%

(Barfoot &Thompson clearance rates for North Shore City Jan 2010 to Jan 2011)

Tony Loughran, Auctioneer & Marketing Advisor, North Shore

Tony has amassed an extensive curriculum vitae in real estate experience in only a decade in the industry, being a successful salesperson before moving into auctioneering in both local and national roles. He also has experience in real estate office management, business development and training.

Tony works closely with the salespeople in his area to ensure they are truly providing the best service to their vendors.

A sense of humour, honesty and integrity have helped make Tony a well-respected auctioneer amongst his clients, colleagues and peers.

Professional Photography

You’ll have up to 18 shots from a professional photographer that will make your home look its very best.


Modern home buyers  love using internet when beginning the search for their new home.




· (Chinese Website)

· ( Chinese Website)

Certificate of Title, QV Report, Rates Information

Information like this becomes compelling once buyers have shown an initial interest. As mentioned eariler, pricing and true market value are key factors in a swift sale, and this information will support the way your home has been marked.

Council File on CD

This will be made available to potential buyers, instilling the future confidence to buy your property.

Our Property Database

As soon as your property is entered in our database all of our salespeople will have access, generating huge exposure and creating a greater chace to sell.

·         A team of over 1400 salespeople

·         Over 67 branches sell residential, lifestyle and rural, and commercial real estate throughout Auckland and Northland

North Shore Property Press





Trade me

Real Estate

Local magazine

Property Weekly 房地产周报

Chinese most popular websiteskykiwi

Special Offer-Chinese Median

·         Brand new chinese program introduce property every weekend

·         Chinese Realeaste Newspaper update every week

·         Chinese Radio every weekend

Hou Garden ( 后花园中文网站)





  •     Barfoot & Thompson 95年的洋人老牌地产经纪公司

    –销售网络遍布全新西兰 – 70家分行资源共享

    –最强大的销售团队支持超过 1700名专业地产销售人员( 含商业)

    –顶级的销售业绩每三套售出的房产,其中就有一套是Barfoot & Thompson售出

  • 专业的房屋及土地的市场评估
  • 专业的摄影公司现场拍照及图像处理
  •   套装广告包装: 房前的彩色广告牌, 分行橱窗广告, 精致的A3, A4 彩色宣传册
  • 热门洋人网络广告:Barfoot & Thompson, Trade Me, Real Estate
  • 最大的华人网络:天维网
  • 最大的洋人报章广告: Property Press
  •   热门华人房地产报章: 房地产周报及聚家地产
  •  华人最大电视媒体WTV 同步电视广播广告谈房说地



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