About Lily

About Lily Zhang

#1 Saleperson Browns Bay Branch (2018 – 2009, 9 times)

#1 Sales Team, North Shore 2018 
#3 Sales Team, North Shore 2017
#4 Sales Team, North Shore 2016

#5 Sales Team, B & T Company 2018 
#4 Sales Team, B & T Company 2017
#5 Sales Team, B & T Company 2016 
#3 Sales Team, B & T Company 2015 
Top 25 Salesperson, Barfoot & Thompson (2015 – 2011, 5 times)

Community Service award, B & T Company 2018 
Winner of North Shore Summer Auction Cup 2014/2015 

“Your home is often your most valuable of assets and the result of many years of hard work. My commitment to you is to achieve the highest possible price, as quickly as possible and as stress free as possible” (Lily Zhang).

Since joining Barfoot & Thompson in 2006, Lily Zhang has achieved outstanding sales results in transitions with both clients and customers over that time. She boasts a demonstrated track record and is a consistent top performer within the North Shore/East Coast Bays area.

Originally from China, Lily graduated from the renowned Zhongshan University with a Master of business administration before spending five years working as Marketing Planning Manager at the largest beverage company in China. Lily also graduated from the University of Auckland with a Graduate Diploma in Commerce and Massey University with a Postgraduate Certificate in Management. During this time, Lily developed strong marketing strategies and negotiating skills, and learnt how to build strong interpersonal relationships with people from various cultures and backgrounds. Such skills have proven invaluable in her real estate career.

Lily’s proven knowledge, experience and skill in selling North Shore properties is built on developed targeted marketing strategies, a honest approach in every aspect of the real estate business, and her reputation for frankness, outstanding work ethic and for accepting a challenge. She is able to think quickly on her feet, always does the best that she can in every situation, and her focus extends to the smallest detail. She is creative and has an in-depth understanding of market trends. She treats all people with total kindness, honesty and a determination to make her clients happy. This results in satisfying outcomes for her clients, both sellers and buyers. Lily lives locally and has raised a family here so she feels passionate about the benefits the Shore area has to offer.

For all of your property needs whether you are buying or selling, Lily would be delighted to help, working with your best interests at all times, and achieving exceptional results for all those she works with.

Lily Zhang 个人简介
Lily Zhang 于2006年加入Barfoot & Thompson-新西兰最大的房产经纪公司,她的业绩一直是名列前茅,并且多次获得了 North shore/East Coast Bay地区杰出销售人员的美誉。
Lily来自中国,毕业于中山大学,荣获了商业管理研究生学位,之后任职在一家中国大型公司,任市场营销经理职务5年之久。之后她来到了新西兰生活,分别就读于奥克兰大学和梅西大学,荣获市场营销及商业管理研究生学位。在此期间,她加强了对自己的英文,学识和谈判技巧的掌握,并擅长与来自不同文化背景的人快速的建立起良好的人际关系。并且她熟练融合了这些宝贵的知识和技能, 来帮助自己的房地产销售事业。